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5 Reasons for Taking Car Service from Miami Beach to Miami Airport

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5 Reasons for Taking Car Service from Miami Beach to Miami Airport.

The trip from Miami Beach to MIA isn’t a long one—it can take anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the time of day. But in between you may have to fend against a horde of annoyances, including bad traffic jams, stress from trying to make a tight flight, or nerves from driving and thinking about upcoming business ventures at the same time. To avoid all of this, hire a car service company to get you where you need to go. Does that sound like more trouble or money than it’s worth? Read our list of reasons to hire a limo below, and you may just change your tune.

You’re On a Tight Schedule
If only time worked the way we wanted it to, we could make it go as fast or slow as we wanted. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, so you can’t give yourself more hours to make your fast-paced trip less stressful. If you’re on a tight schedule and you’ll immediately be on your way to a meeting once you land, have car service get you to the airport. A reputable car service company will get you where you need to go with lots of time to spare. Your chauffeur will keep a close eye on traffic patterns, so he or she will know to take alternate routes, if needed. This will be good for you. Why? With all that’s on your plate, the last thing you want to pay attention to is traffic. Hire a good car service company, and you won’t have to.

You Don’t Want to Drive to the Airport
Sitting in stop-and-go traffic—getting your hopes up when traffic seems to start moving faster, only to pound the brake when it slows down again—is not fun. Nor is it what you need. Not when your attention could be spent elsewhere. Plus, if your mind is pulled in different directions between the road and your business affairs, you could end up getting into a fender-bender.  Take the path of least resistance, and hire a car service to deal with traffic. Your driver will focus on the road, which will leave you free to focus on your business affairs.

You Have Work to Do
Another benefit of car service? You can easily get work done. Your chauffeur will give you all the peace and quiet you need for private phone conversations. Small tables in the back of the car can hold your tablet or other small electronic devices if you need to compose a quick email. Reports and other documents can also be yours for the tackling. Using your commute productively will help you cut down your workload on the front end, meaning you can spend your precious free hours during your trip the way you want to. How does that sound?

You Need Some Downtime
Your commute can also be a good chance for you just to relax, too. Your car will come equipped with a sound system that can play whatever music calms you. If you choose to hire a limo, you can even watch a DVD as you’re taken from Point A to Point B. Of course, if you just want to close your eyes for a little while, you can do that, too. Chauffeurs are trained to pick up on their clients’ needs, and not a word will be spoken to break the silence—unless you say something first.

You Don’t Want to Pay for Parking
For long-term parking at MIA, every days cost $8. If you’re gone for a week, that adds up to more than $60.  There are better things to spend your money on. Like a good cigar, or a fine meal, or a nice bottle of wine. A few feet of concrete will hardly be as satisfying.

Hiring car service for your airport transfers is a really smart decision. You’ll free up some time to relax, get work done, or simply do nothing, if you want. Plus, with the stress of traffic taken out of the equation, you can arrive at your destination ready to take on whatever’s in store for you. For that, car service is worth it.

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