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Local Ground Transportation Company vs Affiliate Network Companies

Local Ground Transportation Company vs Affiliate Network Companies

What is the difference between local ground transportation company vs affiliate network companies – explained.

The difference between local ground transportation company and affiliate network companies.

The difference between local ground transportation service company and affiliate network service is:

the quality of the service you are getting for your money.

I will explain and give you few examples.

What is an affiliate network? 

Affiliate network is when many car service and limo companies are linking to one main office. This main office is not in the business of transportation. This main office has a beautiful website and most of the time the people that work behind it are not even in this country. This is a simple marketing company.

A ground transportation affiliate network acts as an intermediary between customers and car service providers.

So, who is doing the actual rides and why car service companies are joining this affiliates? 

Why transportation companies are joining an affiliate networks? And who are they?

The transportation companies that are participate in affiliate ground transportation programs are small, low budget providers that don’t have money to advertise and have an optimized website and they can’t basically stay in business on their own. 

They also have an old model vehicles, don’t have required insurance and don’t provide quality car services.

The main office is very well marketed and optimized on the internet.

The main company is not even in the business of transportation, they are in the business of marketing. 

They pay big money to be on the first page on google, so you can call them to book your ride.

  • further more, they don’t have a single car and know nothing about your needs and will never care after they charge you and you hang up the phone.


Why we fall for it?

How does it work?

When you call and book a car service, they send your reservation to few local car service companies in the city you travel to, and whoever gives them the less expensive rate becomes your ride.

So, basically you are overpaying and at the same time getting the worst service. Your lost goes for paying expensive their marketing techniques.

Local Ground Transportation Company vs Affiliate Network Companies

Part 2:

What can you do, to stay away from affiliate network ground transportation scam?

If you want to prevent this from happening to you have to look for few things when you land on webpage and ask a questions, if you ever get to talk to life person.

1. Stay away from transportation companies that claim that they have a services in 80 cities. They don’t even have have a single car, nor an idea of the ground transportation.

2. Look if the website name has the local name of the city on it.

…to be continued in part 2

Thank you for reading!