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How to Start a Limousine Business

How to Start a Limo Business in Miami.

How to Start a Limousine Business
How to Start a Limousine Business

How to Start a Limousine Business

How to Start a limousine business: I’ve met a lot of limousine operators over the years, most of them love to talk about how the business isn’t like it use it to be. Sure this is true, business isn’t like it use to be, it’s better, much better. It’s the old timers who haven’t adapted to change and technology who are struggling in this new economy. 

If you want to be a successful limousine operator, it’s imperative that you embrace technology and have an open mindset for new ideas. A solid foundation for your company is not just the purchase of a new limousine. The foundation is providing a reliable limousine service and getting your name in front of people who require luxury transportation. Once you have a client you need to give them an amazing experience which will fuel referrals and repeat business. 

Is this the right business for you? – This has to be the most important question you need to ask yourself. If you love working Monday to Friday and have a set 9-5 schedule, bad news, you’re gonna hate the limousine business. When everyone else is getting off work, you’re just starting. People rent limos when they’re off from work, weddings, evening out, winery tours are almost always performed on weekends. When we get a nice job during a week day it’s a bonus but not the norm. Corporate clients typically use our service Monday through Friday, so there is hope to keep more traditional hours if you gear you business to corporate work and not the retail market. You need to do a little soul searching and decide if you can work the crazy hours this business demands. 

Get your name out there – Again, it’s not all about the new limousine, your phone won’t ring just because you purchased a new $85k Royale Stretch Limousine. If you build it, they may not come without a good marketing effort. Advertising should happen before you make a big ticket purchase. In a perfect world, your limousine should be purchased based on the results of our 
advertising. We know you need a limo to start, just don’t go over the top with 
a brand new one. As you grow, you’ll have a track record for your next purchase. 
The trick is finding the best places to advertise, or as I like to say, make sure you go fishing where and when the fish are biting. 

What Vehicles to start with – As I’ve discussed in “Wheels 
of Gold: A Complete Guide to Starting a Million Dollar Limousine Business” The 
best start up vehicles would be a Black Luxury Sedan, Lincoln Town car L Series 
and a 120″ inch 8 person white stretch limo. This will give your company the 
diversity to handle corporate and retail business.

How to Start a Limousine Business Part II

Think about how to start a limousine business – think about getting help – If you don’t have experience in 
the limousine industry, consider hiring a consultant to help get you started. A 
good friend of mine Tom Mazza recently passed away, he had built an exceptional 
limousine consulting firm. He is greatly missed in our industry. There is help 
out there, but utilize someone who knows our industry, not just an accountant or 
general business development person. The money spent can not only make you 
hundreds of thousands of dollars, it can also save you thousands from costly 

Recruit Chauffeurs – Let’s face it, no one wants to be a limo driver when they grow up. That being said, there are thousands of very happy chauffeurs who make a comfortable living. The work hours are flexible and the pay is pretty darn good, A Chauffeur who puts in a little effort can make a nice living from the extra tips alone. It’s your job to recruit and train people with positive attitudes and help build your company. Great chauffeurs can be found at the airport. Look for the guy with a pressed suit, and clean look, confident demeanor, and a positive attitude. Start a conversation with him and pass along your business card, mention you’re looking for good people and if he’d like some extra work to please call you. Hotel and restaurant employees are also familiar with our service industry, keep your eye out for potential recruits where you go. 

It’s not all about Price – We’re all anxious to book every call that comes in, it’s your job to change the conversation from price to a conversation about quality of service. The best clients are the clients who demand a quality service and don’t care about the cost. Sell yourself, sell your company, sell your great chauffeurs and sell them on how beautiful your limousine is, but try not to sell your cheap price.

How to start a limo business in Florida

How LimoFinder can benefit your limo business startup in Florida.

As a new limousine company you will have to optimize you presence on the web, and Google optimization takes time and money.

On the other hand LimoFinder is the first ever Real-Time Google Map Cloud Platform for Booking Limos and Luxury Ground Transportation On-Demand.

LimoFinder is a free platform for small limo companies, and you can put your cars on their platform.

Limofinder is B2B luxury transportation startup in Florida, that allows Executive Assistants, Travel Agencies, Event Planners, Hotels, Private Airports, and many other corporate clients who need to book luxury ground transportation and limousines and On-demand.

Corporate clients are connecting to limo companies for last minute reservations by being vehicles real-time on google map, and connecting directly with the dispatcher of the company. So you have a pretty good chance to start getting reservation if you are on the platform, and you are at the right place at the right time.

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