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Limo vs Taxi

Limo vs Taxi this is the question.

Limousines versus Taxis

There is a legitimate need and role for both taxis and limousines. But they are quite different—especially here in the Miami market. So it is important to be aware and informed. That way you can get the services you want, at the price point you want. If you are trying to get your mother from Fort Lauderdale to medical center in Miami, you might want one kind of service. If you are a very drunk college student who wants a lift for three blocks to the next bar, with some leeway on demands for reliability and luxury, you might want a very different type of service. Of course there are good reasons that the two services should not be mixed.

Why customers choose limousines versus taxis?

In the past, calling a taxi has been the preferred way of transportation for customers when they needed a ride to and from an airport. It is still believed amongst many that the taxi is better in financial means – cheaper, more affordable, even though not so cozy. The current economic situation drives many customers to think in terms of frugality when choosing a service. But are the taxis really the better choice, even cheaper? They would be more suitable for shorter distances, but still there is a risk of overpaying if your taxi gets stuck in traffic at example. Limousines service rates are always known beforehand and in a matter of fact often come out less expensive for longer distances, say from/to the airport. The savings could be too little and not enough to justify the noticeable differences in the comfortability level. Let’s look for ourselves at the comparison table here:

Limo vs Taxi compare

Limo vs Taxi

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