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Top Limo Service in Miami

If you land at this page, you are looking for a good limousine company in Miami.

Top Limo Service in Miami

You need to know how to find the best limo service in Miami?
I will try to help you understand what to look for and what kind of questions to ask when you look for the best of limo company in Miami. You need to know how to find the best limo service in Miami? Let’s start.

How to find best limo service in Miami. This is not an easy task. It all depends of course on what are you looking for. If you just need an airport transfer or point to point transfer is one type of service that we are going to talk about. But if you are looking for party busses or full service stretch limousine is another topic. So let’s start with airport transfers and then we will talk about the other types of limo services.

Airport limousine transfer or point to point transfer.

Always look for a flat rate service providers. When you find one you know that half of the work of finding Top Limo Service in Miami is done. But you are not done yet. You have to ask few more questions and then you will be sure that you have what are you looking for. Actually is a dozen more questions but at the end you will be sure that you are getting the service you are paying for.

And here is the first 6 questions and the answer has to be: NO

1. Do you charge late arrival fee?
2. Do you charge cancelation fee?
3. Do you charge parking fee?
4. Do you charge per person?
5. Do you charge airport fee?
6. Do you charge for early or late pick up?

If all of your answers to this questions are NO. You are doing good, but you need to ask another 6 questions. Now you have to have a positive answer.
Do not ever hesitate to ask them. This is your ride and you have to feel good about it. And most important – you are paying for it!
And here is the next 6 questions:

1. Do you track my flight and adjust the pick up time?
2. Do you meet and greet?
3. Do you except credit cards in the car?
4. Do you have cold water in the car?
5. Do you have wi-fi in the car?
6. Do you provide baby chairs?
If the answers to this 6 questions is YES, you are all set, go ahead and book the car. Now you know that you have Top Limo Service in Miami.

This is what we call Quality Limo Service.

Now let’s talk about the other Top Limo Service in Miami. The stretch limos and Party busses.

Top Limo Service in Miami